About Us

Our brand values and vision

We want to change perceptions of the window cleaning industry to bring it in line with other customer service-driven sectors. It’s worked for takeaways and taxis, and it’s working for us too!


Our core values, which underpin our whole business, include:



While we’re a very modern business, good old-fashioned service excellence is what MWC is known for, and what our franchise partners are passionate about



Professionalism and consistency are keys to success. From our branding to our technology, everything we do lets customers know they can rely on us



This is hugely important to establishing quality relationships with customers, with suppliers and between franchise partners - and it's crucial for repeat business



We love local communities and our aim is that window cleaners return to becoming a big part of them, just as they were many years ago

Meet the Directors

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Karen Prewer, Founder and Managing Director

Karen started her professional career in the city of London working as a broker in the financial markets. Like thousands of other homeowners across the UK, she found it almost impossible to find a great, reliable window cleaner. When she did, they seemed to stick around for a few months before disappearing. There were always issues regarding cash payment collections and she never knew when they were going to turn up. As all great entrepreneurs do, Karen said “I can do this better” and she has.

Twenty-five years later, there are thousands of happy My Window Cleaner customers across the UK, enjoying a very different quality of service and experience. Karen realised that along with reliability and an exceptional standard of work -systems, processes and technology were fundamental to create a scalable business opportunity. This experience has led to the creation of Gloria, our cloud-based CRM system, that allows a franchise owners to have the same business scalability and unique service offering for their customers.

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Dave Prewer, Director

Dave has worked for over 40 years working in the insurance industry as CEO, running significant insurance companies, and last 20 years running market leading niche underwriting company providing specialist insurance. Obtaining underwriting capacity from leading global insurance and reinsurance companies.


David’s significant business experience has driven the strategies to make My Window Cleaner a low touch, low expense, highly geared operation, which produces consistent growing profits and maximizes Karen’s driven can-do approach


Ian Bradley, Franchise Director

Ian was the joint founder of Hospital Entertainment in 1990, which he then franchised and won numerous business awards including Newcomer of the Year in 1995 and the Outstanding Achievement award, both presented by the BFA.

After a successful sale & IPO in 2000, Ian moved down to Devon and franchised Riverford Organic, now a £65m turnover business with 110 franchisees.

He has also consulted for multiple franchise brands and is passionate about setting other people up in business and supporting them to succeed. Ian sat on the BFA board and was the Chairman for the South-west for two years.

Apart from family interests, Ian's a keen walker and has completed the Southwest Coastal Path (630 miles!) and the Thames Path (184 miles).

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Our History & Development

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My Window Cleaner founder, Karen Prewer, started out by providing domestic cleaning services. In 1996, she added window cleaning to her offering and due to the overwhelming demand, Karen decided to concentrate purely on domestic and commercial window cleaning. Our brand was born!



In 2018 the company was accredited and granted membership of the British Franchise Association. We also launched our first and second franchise pilots, to ensure that our systems and processes were working and ready to go out to market.

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After growing to thousands of customers across south London and Hertfordshire, a franchise model was an obvious next step for Karen, who always passionately believed there was a huge need for a modern, professional window cleaning service across the UK.



After a year of ensuring that our pilots were achieving the business model and the predicted growth, we awarded a third territory in Newport. This business successfully launched during the first lockdown period of 2020, and began a period of rapid franchise growth: we launched a further six new businesses across the UK that year and in November My Window Cleaner was named the Emerging Franchisor of the Year by the British Franchise Association and HSBC.

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In 2017, highly experienced franchise professional Ian Bradley was added to the team and we began our move towards making Karen’s dream a reality: a national network of local, professional window cleaning businesses.

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We expand our network further to nearly 20 franchises in operation, including one in Northern Ireland. We’re firmly on the way to becoming the UK’s first national window cleaning brand… and very excited at the prospect!