The journey continues…

Some life journeys arrive completely unplanned, and they can lead to discovering new and wonderful things. It may seem very boring, but in our business, our journey is completely mapped out; we really do not want to have any “unplanned surprises”.

We use our history (25 years in the making) to predict our future. Our franchise partners use Gloria (our CRM management system) as a great visual and data driven tool, to use their performance history, to predict their future. As the journey continues, this data and predictability becomes more and more accurate, to a point where Gloria will probably know more about your business than you!

Will from Newtownabbey (Belfast) launched in 2021

Our business plan is our map and our franchise partners have a very accurate map too. We work together to ensure that the journey is smooth, timely and it has no bumps in the road.

So our journey as Britain’s Best Emerging Franchise continues at the pace and predictably that we have planned. This includes awarding franchise territories to those applicants that meet our criteria. In 2021 so far, we have launched eight new franchises: from North Belfast to Hastings and over to Malvern. Despite the outside world still going on a very unplanned journey, ours is planned and executed in the way that we want it to be. We are also delighted to say that all of our new launches are operating above business plan too.

Some of the class of 2021 are below.....

Ian (our Franchise Director) had the opportunity to have a Zoom catch up call with Pip Wilkins, the CEO of the British Franchise Association recently. As Pip always says, “everyone needs a Gloria in their lives” and she is right.

We continue to invest heavily in Gloria for the benefit of our franchise partners and recently integrated new mapping software within her. This software is amazing and gives the franchise owner a great visual tool to see the clusters of customers that they have and the density of those customers sown to street level. This will not only help in round planning and logistics, but they can also see the marketing sources and what has worked well in different areas.

You can watch Ian and Pip discuss My Window Cleaner in the YouTube video below:

So our plans are pretty concrete for the remainder of this year. We continue to seek new franchise partners to join the My Window Cleaner family and to support these businesses in all aspects, whether it be software driven, equipment trials and upgrades, passing on great pre-negotiated discounts or simply having a chat over a coffee.

How’s your journey for 2021 looking?

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