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Transitioning from the health and fitness industry to a truly healthy career

When a career becomes all-encompassing, it runs the risk of forcing entrepreneurs to make sacrifices in their personal lives. And when this very pattern began to emerge for Andrew Day, he decided it was time to make a change. Having spent 10 years as General manager for world renowned diving and watersports operations in Egypt, Andrew found an opportunity to combine his passion with professional leadership development. However, following political unrest, Andrew later returned to the UK and embarked on a 10-year-long career as a General Manager for a leading health and fitness brand but quickly realised he was missing out on so many important moments. So, with work-life integration the goal, he decided to set out on pastures new.

Identifying the franchise industry as the perfect way to make up for lost time and still enjoy a rewarding career as an entrepreneur, Andrew knew its resilience, flexibility and diversity were all key characteristics that would help him forge a better lifestyle for himself and his family. And with the pull of the outdoors, the open road and an uncapped financial opportunity, one brand in particular ticked those all-important boxes. Launched in September 2022, My Window Cleaner (MWC) Central Beds has been the chapter in Andrew’s career he has been waiting for.

“I’m privileged to have enjoyed such a successful career - from running a small diving business in the Red Sea to managing a large-scale multisite operation worth over $10m with over 250 staff,” said Andrew. “But after returning to the UK, I quickly realised how detrimental it was to everything else in my life! At 51, I didn’t want to use any more valuable time starting from scratch again, so franchising made perfect sense to me. MWC was the opportunity I’d been waiting for – its scalability, financial opportunity and the wonderful people in the network were things I simply couldn’t ignore.

“MWC has enabled me to utilise my entrepreneurial flare to grow a successful business while giving me the balance I’ve craved for so long. As a franchisee, I’m not alone – I’m a part of a network of likeminded people who’ve guided and helped me since day one in achieving my business, and most importantly, my personal goals.”

Founded in 1996, MWC introduced the UK to the future of the cleaning industry. The FIRST and ONLY window cleaning franchise brand, MWC has established itself as an exciting, highly profitable opportunity through identifying and leveraging a gap in the market. Offering customers a trustworthy, sophisticated window cleaning, gutter clearance and pressure washing service, MWC is a true family-feel franchise with good old-fashioned values at its heart.

“Family is what brought me to MWC, and family is what’s guiding and pushing me to new heights as a business owner. I really feel like I’m a part of something bigger here - it’s a cliché in business, but it’s never felt more appropriate. I have all the support I could want from the franchisor and the incredible network. If I wanted it, I think anyone would be available at the drop of a hat 24/7! But that has never taken anything away from me, and I constantly feel assured that my franchise is my business.

“Regular industry training, one-to-one mentoring and business advice and access to the best online management software I’ve ever used are just a few of the reasons why the MWC opportunity is one that can’t be missed.”

MWC attracts both first-time franchisees and seasoned entrepreneurs, thanks to its impressive infrastructure, ground-breaking technology and family-feel approach. Franchisees are encouraged to fully exploit the success they can achieve within their territories by building a team of passionate and enthusiastic operatives. MWC’s approach of championing exceptional customer service is continuing to set high expectations for a service provider that has traditionally been met with negative experiences. Through recurring income and multiple revenue streams, low overheads, an impressive scope for growth and ongoing development, the opportunity for franchisees is huge.

“Since launching, I’ve been met with the inevitable question of ’do you have any regrets about owning a window cleaning franchise?’ There’s only one answer to that - absolutely NONE!” added Andrew. “MWC is absolutely the right franchise for me – the franchisor has instilled a culture of learning, trust and success, and you can see how positively the network has taken to it. Following my initial meetings and discovery calls, I was hooked. The financial success we can reap as MWC franchisees is a by-product of the truly inspirational work environment that the franchisor has been developing and streamlining for over 25 years.”

Today, a network of 24 franchisees operates across the UK. Sophisticated branding, systems, operations and processes have established MWC as the LEADING voice in a saturated market, which has seen the franchise receive over 4,500 gleaming 5-star reviews from happy customers. With each franchise territory outfitted with the industry’s best equipment and with full access to MWC’s £650k online management software, ‘Gloria’, franchisees are empowered with the tools, confidence and skills to build a profitable business, fast.

Approaching the end of just his first year as a MWC franchisee, Andrew is already benefitting from a lifestyle that suits him while equally seeing the financial rewards to owning a scalable, ambitious business. Aiming for a team in the double figures as well as a fleet of vans, this is just the beginning of Andrew’s MWC story.

“I have no doubt I’ll be better off here than anywhere else I’ve worked. As a GM in my previous roles, I commanded a decent salary with numerous benefits. However, in year two, I’m projected to exceed previous personal earnings and that’s just the start of my journey. Here, I can manage my business and have the lifestyle I’ve always wanted. MWC truly has given me everything I’ve ever looked for as a business owner,” concluded Andrew.

If, like Andrew, you are searching for the environment that complements your career and personal life, visit:


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