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Earning Potential.

Because this is a multi-van, scalable business model, there really is no limit on your potential earnings. Having worked with a professional mapping business, we have ensured that you have enough growth opportunity, following a certain demographic of customer, within each territory.

As a guide, you can expect estimated operating profits – not just turnover – of around £35,000 in year 1, £70,000 in year 2 and £130,000 in year 3. Please note, these figures are based on existing outlet performance, but are not a guarantee of earnings.

Plus, you’ll be building an asset of significant value when you’re ready to sell your business.

We provide a full financial forecast and help you create a personalised business plan as part of the process of becoming a My Window Cleaner franchisee..


The total investment for the franchise is around £28.000, which includes everything you need, including vehicle deposit.

You can get started with just £9,000 of your own money, because we have excellent relationships with franchise departments of all the major banks. They know and like our model, because they are seeing what existing franchisees are achieving.

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