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Domestic & commercial


Recurring income


Multiple services


Proven systems

Maximise your business potential with My Window Cleaner's cutting-edge tools, systems, and ongoing support

Robust, proven and constantly refined, our business model brings together the very best of franchising and business methodologies, infused with our vision and values. 


Designed to capitalise on ever-increasing domestic and commercial opportunities, the My Window Cleaner franchise is a multi-income-stream, year-round business. What’s more, if you choose to, our franchisees have quick and clear expansion points, enabling you to build a multi-unit, management operation with real momentum. 


We partner with ambitious, customer-focused franchisees who can see this huge opportunity to dominate in an old-fashioned marketplace. 


And that word ‘partner’ is incredibly important to us: we provide our systems, technology, decades of knowhow and invaluable experience; you bring integrity, people skills, and the desire to grow your own business and set your own goals.


Combining our strengths with yours delivers exceptional results, as our existing franchise partners show.

Start up

To begin with, you’ll be the professional window cleaner yourself. We’ll comprehensively train you in every aspect of the business, including delivering superb cleans, so don’t worry if you’ve never cleaned a window in your life before!


We’ll give you an exclusive and protected territory – no other MWC franchisees can operate in it – and because you’re running your business from home, you’ll have low overheads and strong profit margins. Plus, you’ll be working outdoors and enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.


Crucially, you’re never just a person in a van! We’re behind you every step of the way. You’re in business for yourself but never by yourself.  Single-van franchisees can service over 50% more customers than independent window cleaners.


Even so, our model sees you quickly grow your business and bring in your first employee and second van, beginning a transformation into a multi-van operation where you are managing your business and employees rather than going out to do the cleaning yourself.

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Scale up

The growth of traditional, independent window cleaners is limited by their available time and admin capacity. Not you! My Window Cleaner franchisees have a clear growth path to follow, powered by leading technology and award-winning systems. Once your first operation is running at near capacity, adding in extra vans and teams of employed window cleaners is a smooth and efficient process. 


Key to this, is our technology (Gloria) which uses Artificial Intelligence. Gloria manages much of the customer relationship, leaving you free to focus on building your business. Our systems:

  • Make customer communication and organisation simple

  • Organise bookings and payments, including automatic invoicing

  • Help you plan jobs efficiently, maximising income

  • Set your business 'live' and track the success of your marketing campaigns

  • Provide information on every part of your business, with detailed customer data

  • Automate the boring parts of running a business.


Plus, we’ll provide you with everything from job adverts to employment contracts to our comprehensive training programme for all staff and marketing campaigns to fuel your expansion. Not to mention our personal support along the way.


Multi-van operators can comfortably service THOUSANDS of customers. Go multi-territory and the opportunity is, quite literally, limitless.


The question isn’t ‘will you expand?’ it’s only a matter of, when?

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Cleaning methods

The number one thing to know is, most of our services are completed with both feet firmly on the ground! 


We use the modern Reach & Wash method of window cleaning, with a purified water-fed extendable pole ensuring a streak-free finish on all glass and no ladder marks on the property. For gutter cleaning and clearance, you’ll also have an extendable gutter vacuum. 


That’s a lot more efficient and therefore profitable for you than going up and down a ladder!


State-of-the-art electric reels deploy and recover hoses in under a minute rather – saving time, money and physical effort! This efficiency gain alone means increased daily revenues of up to an extra £90 per window cleaner per day, which is £11,500 a year.


My Window Cleaner has a 5-star reputation, the value of which cannot be overstated. Happy customers refer family, friends and colleagues and in today’s digital world, everyone looks for reviews when buying a service – even window cleaning. 


Expectations are high and customers want reliability, accountability, and exceptional service. We provide exactly that. You can see our exceptional shine through in over 4,500  five-star reviews.


Commitment to outstanding service is essential for your own personal business growth and for us all to achieve our collective goal of professionalising the industry. As you can see from our franchisees’ combined review scores below, this is a passion we all share – delivering excellence every time.


For new franchise partners, this unwavering focus on quality means you’ll be starting your business with a 5-star reputation from day one!


(Keep in links to reviews obviously as they are brilliant!)

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