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Multiple services means multiple income streams

Providing a range of complementary, in-demand cleaning services gives you strong year-round sales and plenty of opportunities to offer additional services to existing customers (Gloria will help you with that).

All franchise partners take immense pride and satisfaction in delivering the highest quality service – this is a key attribute we look for when awarding a franchise. To be the UK’s first nationwide window cleaning brand, a reputation for excellence is paramount.

All MWC work is 100% guaranteed, and after your operational training with us, you’ll soon see why! Here are the core services we'll be supporting you in:

Window cleaning

Covering everything from standard windows to garage doors, porches and front doors, this is the majority of your work and the bedrock of your business.

Using modern Reach & Wash methods (extendable water-fed poles) and purified water gives your customers a better clean and means you don’t need to spend time climbing up and down ladders.

Most customers book a regular 4-weekly or 8-weekly clean, giving you a very predictable income.


Gutter cleaning

A popular service and a vital one for homeowners. Demand is consistent throughout spring, summer and autumn. 


With a SkyVac gutter vacuum there’s no need for a ladder, and a small camera on the top of the pole gives you visibility on your clean.

By offering additional soffit and fascia cleaning options, gutter cleaning can become an excellent and profitable income stream for your business.

Conservatory cleaning

Typically booked on an annual basis, conservatory valets remove dirt, moss and other debris. Pure water picks up impurities as it runs over glass, so if offers a better, streak-free finish for your customers.


As larger jobs, conservatories offer good profitability. They’re also an ideal upselling opportunity to your existing customers. 

Jet Washing 10.jpg

Jet washing

Driveway, decking, patios, walls, garden furniture… there’s plenty to clean other than glass!


Jet washing is especially popular during spring and summer, and is among the most satisfying cleans you’ll deliver.

We’ll train you in using a cutting-edge, petrol-driven machine to maximise efficiency and earning power.

Commercial cleaning

From schools to retail to local offices and so much more, there’s an abundance of commercial opportunities for every franchise partner.


They can be large jobs, and can become repeat business. There's also less competition as many window cleaners are unable to complete jobs on this scale.


We’ll give you a dedicated, personalised commercial brochure as part of our marketing support to help you win this lucrative business.

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