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“They have developed software which makes my business into a highly scalable, multi-van opportunity. 


“The administration is kept to a minimum too, as much of this has been automated by the IT system.”


Josh El-Gueddari, My Window Cleaner Bournemouth

Technology evolved over more than 20 years is the cornerstone of every My Window Cleaner franchise: our systems make your business easy to scale up, and they're a big part of why customers will love your service.


We call our bespoke IT system Gloria, and she is something you simply can't get anywhere else. She's the reason your business doesn't stop growing when you reach the capacity of an independent window cleaner, creating a true multi-van opportunity for you to dominate your local marketplace - and profit accordingly.


Following a substantial, six-figure investment in 2019, Gloria's latest upgrade focused on ease of use for franchisees, and maximising efficiencies through technology. Benefits to your business include:


Seamless Communication

Gloria helps you quickly and easily communicate with your team members, and automatically contacts your customers to inform them when you’ll be there




Get an instant snapshot or monthly report on your finances, your team and your customer communications, through a user-friendly, online interface that works on any device




As you grow into a multi-van operation, Gloria will help you manage and organise your team effectively, efficiently and with complete oversight.




Automatic reminders are sent to any late paying customers by the system, ensuring smooth cash flow and giving you one less thing to have to worry about




Nobody goes into business for the paperwork, which is why you’ll enjoy paperless invoicing and the automation of much of your financial accounting.



& Sales

Win new customers and upsell additional services to your existing ones, while having the information you need about which marketing channels are working hardest for you

British Franchise Association talks tech with My Window Cleaner 

Our franchise director, Ian Bradley, was asked by the bfa about the processes and thinking behind the technology that drives our franchisees' businesses. Watch below to get more insights into its development and ongoing evolution.

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