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How we have changed the window cleaning industry by using technology

Internet technology has grasped most industries, but did you know that it has taken hold of the window cleaning business too? Well, ours anyway.

Take Uber as an example. You have a traditional industry – Taxi services. You have clients requiring a taxi. Now where Uber have been clever, is that they have taken this and applied technology to the need. No more waiting and hailing cabs down. No more running to the cash point to enable you to pay. No more scrunched up receipts in your pocket.

Uber have developed a system, where you can call a cab, via your phone. You know where the cab is and the cab knows where you are. You set up your account and you can choose a personal card or a company card to pay by. When the ride has finished, you are automatically emailed a receipt. The Taxi driver does not have the worry about carrying cash around too.

It is a win, win, win scenario. Technology applied and everyone benefits.

Our IT system has been built in-house and it communicates between our head office, with our window cleaners and our wonderful customers, all in “real time”.

Each morning, the window cleaner looks at the App on their phone and the schedule for the day is already there. He knows where he needs to be, at what time and what each specific customers requirements are.

As he completes each job, he uses the App to tick the job complete box, which then informs head office automatically. The App also records payments and keeps those up to date; it even does the accounts! It also flags up alerts, so that head office can get in touch with the customer, if necessary.

With the introduction of technology, we have made each window cleaner at least 30% more efficient on their rounds and cut administration time down to a minimum. Now they can relax and enjoy family time, rather than doing the books in the evening!

However, technology has also allowed us to communicate with the clients more easily and effectively. This also applies to potential new clients too.

When we receive a call from a potential client, we take some basic details and are immediately able to give them a bespoke quote for their property. “How are you able to do that?” they ask. Well, we use Google Maps and Google Street view to assist. Our wonderful telephone team can view most properties via this method.

Having over 4,000 customers and My Window Cleaner been in operation for over 20 years, we have achieved customer density on our rounds. So the chances are, we already have customers and know the types of properties in that street too.

But the real win scenario is for our existing clients. You know, historically (& still is the case with some) window cleaners have terrible reputation for 1) non-communication 2) just turning up, without notice and 3) having to visit again, to pick up payment 4) doing the job twice and never being seen again!

This is where My Window Cleaner is completely different (we would say that, wouldn’t we!). Well, with our technology, along with our highly trained and professional staff, it means that we don’t fall into the same traps.

Our customers know when we will be arriving in advance. They can change their scheduled days and the work to be completed and it will seamlessly inform the window cleaner. We also wish to build a great business, built on reputation and therefore every customer is important to us.

You might say that we have Uberfied the window cleaning industry!

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