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When success meets the all-important VAT registration stage

Becoming VAT registered… it’s a part of growth that no one looks forward to. And due to the process’s seemingly endless hoops you have to jump through to get there, it can certainly be an intimidating part of a business ownership experience. Is it something you’ve thought about during your research into franchise opportunities? Do you even know what stage of franchise ownership qualifies you to become VAT registered? Is it putting you off becoming a franchisee? Well, like so many other things you must consider when starting your journey in the franchise industry, MWC is here to help!

As we celebrate yet another high-flying franchisee surpassing the £85,000 turnover threshold and becoming VAT registered, it's a testament to their unwavering ambition and integral commitment to our network. David Roberts, the franchisee of MWC Swindon South, has achieved an outstanding accomplishment. Serving over 600 customers and reaching a monthly turnover of more than £9,000 – it really is an astounding “WOW!” moment. The path to VAT registration is a significant milestone and can seem daunting, especially when it involves adjusting prices by 20%. But fear not, with the MWC franchise team along with the customer care team taking the reins, our franchisees, like David, can transition smoothly and confidently. Our dedicated team ensures that this crucial step is managed seamlessly, alleviating any concerns and allowing our franchisees to continue their remarkable growth without interruption.


“I’ve felt very lonely in previous business ventures, so I decided franchising was the ideal route to have access to guidance and support. But nothing prepares you for just how fantastic life as an MWC franchisee is! I could tell from my initial conversation with the franchisor just how important culture and family is to the success of MWC’s nationwide operation. As a network, we’re very much aligned with personal and professional development goals – everyone here, the franchisor, franchisees and staff, want to learn together,” explains David.

With over 27 years’ experience of seeing just how fast the success with MWC can open huge business development-shaped doors, we’ve trailblazed the industry’s best support system for franchisees to benefit from when VAT comes knocking. In short – there’s no franchisee support team quite like MWC head office and our trusty online management sidekick, Gloria.


Gloria, alongside her many outstanding functions and features which you can read here, is instrumental in helping franchisees ascend to our sophisticated multi-level VAT system. This enhancement is just a part of the extensive support MWC provides. Our rich experience with numerous franchisees surpassing the VAT threshold has yielded reliable and predictable data. These insights are key to our proprietary formula, ensuring a seamless and advantageous transition for our franchisees. Furthermore, our structured approach ensures that moving to full VAT pricing not only sustains but boosts the profitability and strength of their businesses.

Still not convinced? Consider this: from day one as an MWC franchisee, you receive support not only from our expert franchise team but also from an entire network of franchisees. We believe in the power of community and shared experiences. Through our various social events, monthly drinks nights, quarterly business reviews, and more, you’ll find that every member of our team is readily available to support you at every turn in your journey. Our collective ambition drives us, and we believe that your success is greatly enhanced by this shared drive and belief.


So, what are you waiting for? Come and join our successful family of franchisees today!


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