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Meet Gloria and Buddy

At My Window Cleaner, we take every possible opportunity to champion our exceptional team – whether they are franchisees, operatives, or even virtual! And while our thousands of happy customers around the UK get to see those on the ground putting in the physical work to deliver a service unlike any other, the job that MWC’s AI-fuelled, fully integrated CRM system does for us and for customers is equally important. Meet Gloria, MWC’s custom built ‘jewel in the Crown’ – without her, we wouldn’t be the cutting-edge franchise we are today.

Gloria, put simply, is the best friend our franchisees never knew they had, and she’s responsible for helping new franchisees grow 15 times faster than we did in our core territory over 25 years ago! We understand that technology truly is everything, and with Gloria running the show, franchisees have the opportunity to leverage ground-breaking data and insights in real time, every day.

We always tell prospects that franchisees are encouraged to fully exploit the success they can achieve within their territories by building a team of passionate and enthusiastic operatives. But what’s better, from day one, our franchisees already have a team! This team is no white-labelled software system, it’s a specially designed support tool capable of automated customer communications, paperless billing and credit control, financial accounting, sales and marketing campaigns, daily route planning with live traffic updates and much more. If that sounds like the team member made in heaven, you’ll be delighted to know she never takes a salary, never has a day off and is ALWAYS learning to make life as a MWC franchisee even more enjoyable!

But if a single team member is not enough for prospects, we have just the solution! Gloria’s very own right-hand man, Buddy, is MWC’s ‘Window cleaner in the field’, deployed on all franchisee and window cleaner smartphones. Using this system, franchisees have access to up-to-the-minute information as well as individual job and rota progress. Most excitingly of all, utilising AI, Buddy communicates with Gloria, in real time. Can you name a franchise brand that’s using such sophisticated software? We certainly can’t!

In 1996, MWC introduced the UK to the future of the cleaning industry. As the FIRST and ONLY nationwide window cleaning franchise brand, we have maintained our passion for cutting edge, streamlined systems. This helps us ensure our franchisees have access to everything they need, from a training video library that rivals Netflix, to by-the-minute insights that helps them measure progress against their business plans. Thanks to Gloria working alongside MWC’s arsenal of industry-leading systems and processes, we have established ourselves as one of the most progressive franchise opportunities available in the UK.

Today, a network of 24 franchisees operates across the UK, with all franchisees having close and immediate access to any resource they need to make their business gleam in their respective territories. Every one of our franchisees has full access to Gloria and Buddy which, to date, has benefitted from over £650k worth of investment, streamlining and updates.

Our laser-focused approach to technology in our business keeps operating costs to a minimum whilst allowing growth and management of profitable, sustainable multi-van franchises. The importance we place on franchise development through technology helps our franchisees maintain exceptional customer service, with Gloria and Buddy taking care of the rest. This is not just lip service – Gloria and Buddy have helped franchisees increase efficiency by a staggering 200%, with that number increasing with every new update to our already incredible member of the team.


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