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What a start to 2019!

Well, the start to 2019 has not disappointed and business is flourishing.

Having launched two pilot franchise partners in the past few months has been a great experience and one that we continue to learn from. Choosing the right partners is crucial from the outset and we have benefitted from our great relationships with both Alan and Josh. They are keen & working hard to exceed the business model, which we collectively worked on.

The evidence is conclusive and with the My Window Cleaner IT & APP system, pulling data to evaluate is easy & provides excellent reports to assist further growth and profitability.

Both businesses are profitable already and by using the proven marketing techniques that we have developed over the past 23 years, the customer base continues to grow every day.

They both got off to a flying start. As a responsible franchisor, we create, manage and implement a pre-start marketing campaign for each territory. This occurs whilst the franchise partner is in training with us, with the expectation of winning at least 50 new customers in month one. The results were outstanding, with Alan winning 68 and Josh achieving 73 new customers.

Not only that, but the average spend per customer is significant and well above the initial model expectations. Alan has completed over 475 cleans and the average spend is still over £22 per customer!

Alan has created a £50,000 turnover business within 6 months and strong growth continues. He is already considering when to take on a new staff member and to move to a multi-van operation.

Our IT system is currently going through another re-write; not that it was bad in the first place! However, it is important that we continue to develop the system for ease of use and for the benefit of the company and our franchise partners. As I always say, we need to keep learning & changing to keep us well ahead of any competition.

Looking at the data, 89 of Canterbury’s new customers were FREE wins! Through branding on the van, word of mouth and customer referrals, the new business is already benefitting from the brand exposure and providing a different quality of service experience.

The customer experience is always a top priority. Giving a great, but different service is key and our IT system automates much of the administration. It informs each customer when we will be arriving; it sends an automated notification when the clean has been completed, along with a paperless invoice (so most customers pay online). The system also acts as a great marketing tool for the franchisee, up-selling the additional services that they offer.

This is proven in the feedback that we receive from our loyal customer, through the online portal Reviews. The comments are not just about the “clean”, but the quality of service, the communication and the ease of payment methods. They receive a very different experience to your typical window cleaner.

With 478 reviews provided, we have a customer recommendation rate of 97%!

You can read the comments by clicking on the link below:

Ethical franchising and working with the British Franchise Association (BFA) is also part of our standard remit. Did you know that My Window Cleaner is the only professional window cleaning company that have been granted membership of the BFA?

As well as our continued support to Alan and Josh, we are keen to move on and grow the network further in 2019.

Setting people up in business and making them successful is our ultimate goal & is extremely rewarding. We are looking forward to achieving more success & hope that you may be part of this.

Onwards and upwards.


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