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Why customers crave change

Why do the general public continue to put up with an industry that has failed to change?

Well, the answer is fairly simple; because there is no alternative that they know about or have experienced.

Now, if you have read our Blogs, you will know that we don’t knock the competition. That’s not for us to do & does not fit in with our company ethics. But on this one-off occasion, I need to point some things out to you and any future franchise applicants considering a My Window Cleaner franchise.

What prompted me to write this is that there has been a common thread in my meetings. “What about the competition?” or “Haven’t most households already got a window cleaner?” are the normal first questions. Yes, there is competition and yes, many households already have a window cleaner. But not like us.

Ask yourself about your own experiences, that of family, friends and neighbours. Then ask nine simple questions that potential customers will consider….

  1. How long have they been operating for? (23 years in our case!)

  2. Do they have a brand?

  3. Do they have branded vehicles and uniforms?

  4. Will I know when they are turning up?

  5. Do they have a professional looking website?

  6. Do they have a full time Customer Service Team I can call anytime?

  7. Do they have simple online payments?

  8. Do they offer inside cleaning, conservatory valets, decking and driveway jet washing?

  9. Do they have somewhere that customers can leave reviews for potential clients to see?

If your local window cleaner has all the above, then yes, you have competition. If not, then you will be unique in your territory & will stand out a mile.

Look, at the end of the day, clean windows is a given. It’s about the quality of service, the communication, the brand, the software that drives efficiency, the online payments, the great marketing etc., which customers & franchise owners desire & benefit from.

So, let’s back up the words with some facts. Below is the customer growth chart for Bournemouth. Since Josh has started, he has won 231 new customers. That is 46.2 new customers every month & growth through organic growth and word of mouth is now gaining momentum. In terms of marketing spend, each one of these “organic” customers is FREE.

Just to show you that it is not a fluke, below is Canterbury’s growth chart. Alan’s business plan target was to win 40 new customers a month; he is achieving 42.3. Where there is marketing spend, there is growth in customer numbers. They just need to know we are here!

And to the people that really matter, our customers. Below are two screen shots of recent customer reviews.

Now Jane & Caroline raise another excellent point. Once a customer has experienced My Window Cleaner, as an all-round service, they don’t want to go anywhere else. As you may tell by now, we love our facts and data. The current lifetime value of a My Window Cleaner customer is £1,700.

So, if you take Alan’s business as an example, after 8 months he has won 339 new customers. With a lifetime value of £1,700, that is already a £576,300 lifetime turnover built for him and his family to enjoy. Alan is achieving a consistent £1,000 per week turnover & we are now helping him to take on staff and grow his business further.

We take the view that competition is great; it means that there is a market & business opportunity. There is a place for a one-man band business, but that’s not us, nor our franchise partners.

There is a much larger market available for a business owner with the right drive and mindset, to grow a stable and very profitable business. With the MWC software, brand, great marketing materials, training and on-going support, we are jointly a formidable proposition.

Still worried about the competition?

Please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email to discuss this Blog or just to find out some more information.


Tel: 07841 664652

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