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What's your future looking like?

Feeling secure?

As the “C” word takes hold once more and another lockdown is just a few days away, we must ask ourselves how secure we feel in our current careers? Not a pleasant thing, but a necessary one nonetheless.

Whilst I don’t have a crystal ball to hand, I can however tell you our facts thus far. I has been a record year for My Window Cleaner and our franchise partners. Here’s a few to ponder over:

  • 7 new franchised businesses were launched; all of whom are operating above plan

  • We did not stop providing service, as we were allowed to trade throughout

  • Record customer growth: more home-working = more looking out of dirty windows

  • Record average spends, as customers invest more in their properties

  • Our pilot partner goes multi-van, has over 750 regular customers and achieving a turnover just short of £10,000 in October

  • New marketing methods deployed to create record ROI on marketing activities

  • New online business training methods developed & successfully received

  • Two new franchise partners ready for in 2021 - Cardiff East & Belfast North

  • Voted one of the top three emerging franchised businesses by The British Franchise Association, sponsored by HSBC

Whilst “C” has affected us all, we have managed to change, diversify and create new opportunities for the brand and our partners. We will continue to adapt and deploy, whilst carefully testing new areas, before rolling them out.

We wish we could replicate our 2020 success throughout the franchise industry, regretfully not all businesses are doing as well. We are thinking of them and wish them a speedy and full recovery.

The Class of 2020

Meet the class of 2020

With seven new business launches successfully completed, I thought I would make some introductions….

In March, during the Welsh floods and the first lockdown, we launched Gareth’s business in Newport.

June saw the launches of Swindon South, Bedford North and Sleaford & Grantham for David, John and Connor and Rich & Claire respectfully.

In September, Beaconsfield & The Chalfont’s, North West Devon and Breckland (Norfolk) also went live for Greg and Tracy, Dan and David and Emma.

As well as helping them to get off to a flying start, they have been a pleasure to work closely with over this year. With their determination and positive attitude, they are set for a wonderful business future.

Join us at the British Franchise Association awards!

As this year annual BFA awards are online, we are delighted to provide you a link, in the hope that you may be able to join us, to celebrate the UK franchise industry.

You may know (I have only mentioned it a few times!), that we have already been voted one of the top three emerging UK franchised businesses; the other two being Vodafone and GutterPro. We hope to go one further and win this coveted award!

The awards are on the evening of 30th November & more detail of the event and how to register are here:

We hope you can join us.

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