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Assessment result: no risk, all reward ✅

Rich Boughen enjoyed a three-and-half-year tenure in sales management that saw him grow a team and reap huge professional rewards. And yet, while his role was fitting its purpose and he felt professionally fulfilled, he knew there was something missing. With a partner who works in risk compliance and assessment, Rich became well-versed on the risks associated with operating in a burnout culture, and he soon began to feel like he was approaching this stage of his busy career. So, without wasting a second, Rich found himself searching for opportunities that would continue professionally fulfilling him but give him the balance and control he craved, which is when he found My Window Cleaner (MWC).

Launched in 2020, the franchisee of MWC Sleaford and Grantham found himself immersed in a culture, professional environment and work-life schedule unlike anything he had ever experienced. Recently hitting 40, the entrepreneur is finally enjoying a lucrative and rewarding career without the risks associated with burning out. But more than a simple job for Rich, becoming a franchisee and investing in himself has equally given him invaluable time to travel up and down the country to spend time with his children, which he never previously had. Now, as Rich and his partner prepare to get married, the entrepreneur reflects on finding a role that not only opened the door to a healthier and happier career, but a lifestyle he can be truly proud of.

“Naturally, I’ve developed a bit of a sixth sense with my partner being so risk averse,” explained Rich. “So, when I looked at MWC, I really did my due diligence on the fine details, from personal and financial investment, to return on investment, and the time I need to sacrifice to achieve my goals. When I told her I had a good feeling about the MWC opportunity, she almost laughed me out of the room. She simply couldn’t believe I was telling her about a humble window cleaning franchise! But after sitting down with me and looking for herself, we both realised how smart the investment could be. Three years later, I’m sure she now regrets her initial reaction!

“When I decided I wanted to own my own business but didn’t have any experience, I knew franchising was the right option. I did loads of research, but I didn’t have a huge amount of capital to work with. For me, it was all about a smart investment that could help me get to where I wanted to be both personally and professionally. I can honestly say I never expected it to happen so fast, but thanks to the structure and support in place at MWC, I’ve realised anything is possible.”

Founded in 1996, MWC introduced the UK to the future of the cleaning industry. The ORIGINAL and TOP-PERFORMING window cleaning franchise, MWC has established itself as an exciting, highly profitable opportunity through identifying and leveraging a gap in the market. Offering customers a trustworthy, sophisticated window cleaning, gutter clearance and pressure washing service, MWC is a true family-feel franchise with good old-fashioned values at its heart.

“I wouldn’t have had the confidence to sit back and manage the business as well as I have done without the nature of how MWC operates. It’s so reassuring to know I have a huge management structure that benefits my franchise directly. And to have a franchisor, who has devoted so much of their own time and money to ensure they’re consistently ahead of the curve, is a great reminder that I’m finally working within an environment that gives everything to get the best out of us as franchisees. I’ve been able to use my experiences to the best of my ability here, but no one is considered the final product. We’re always innovating and, as franchisees, we have the space and opportunity to contribute our ideas for the entire brand.”

MWC attracts both first-time franchisees and seasoned entrepreneurs, thanks to its impressive infrastructure, ground-breaking technology and family-feel approach. Franchisees are encouraged to fully exploit the success they can achieve within their territories by building a team of passionate and enthusiastic operatives. MWC’s approach of championing exceptional customer service is continuing to set high expectations for a service provider that has traditionally been met with negative experiences. Through recurring income and multiple revenue streams, low overheads, an impressive scope for growth and ongoing development, the opportunity for franchisees is huge.

“I was one of the first franchisees to launch. The training has of course progressed massively, but even back then I had years of experience to feed off and I felt so well equipped to go out and forge huge success. I’ve always been quite self-sufficient, so it was really important to know I’d have the freedom to run the business myself. But knowing I have the franchisor’s expertise as and when I need it is incredibly assuring.

“To have grown my operation so fast feels great. I now employ two operatives and have two MWC-branded vehicles out on the road, one of which is an MWC truck that I’m testing on behalf of the network. This devotion to innovation and streamlining hasn’t hindered my overall profitability at all – I’ve just gone VAT registered and I’m proudly turning over upwards of £85,000 per year.”

Today, a network of 25 franchisees operates across the UK. Sophisticated branding, systems, operations and processes have established MWC as the LEADING voice in a saturated market, which has seen the franchise receive over 5,000 gleaming 5-star reviews from happy customers. With each franchise territory outfitted with the industry’s best equipment and with full access to MWC’s bespoke online management software, ‘Gloria’, franchisees are empowered with the tools, confidence and skills to build a profitable business, fast. Continuing to capitalise on this success, MWC has held a certified 5-star franchise status from the UK’s WorkBuzz survey for two years in a row and is currently the holder of WorkBuzz’s Business to Consumer Brand Award.

Far from reaching full capacity and already trailblazing an exciting future for himself and MWC, the sky is the limit for Rich. But after recently suffering a shoulder injury after braving a skydive as a part of his 40th birthday celebrations, he won’t be heading back into the skies any time soon! Excited for the future of his business and to get back out on the road as soon as possible, Rich is using this time preparing to make the next three years of his MWC franchise operation even more successful than the last.

“It’s really empowering to know the importance I place on developing my own business could ultimately feed into and improve the wider franchise brand. I’m already excited to recover and get back to doing what I love. In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying even more time with my family while transitioning the business into a management franchise structure, which is something I’d been targeting since day one. To have reached this point in just three years, regardless of the circumstances, is something I could only have ever dreamed of in my previous role,” concluded Rich.

If, like Rich, you see yourself reaching your limit with your current role and want to join a brand that gives everything and more to helping you achieve success, contact 0800 999 8811 or email


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