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Cooking up a storm in a franchise that gives the recipe for success

The recipe for success doesn’t just come from finding a role you excel in. It’s vital for passionate entrepreneurs to develop in nurturing, stimulating environments that also complement their personal lives. And when Liam Davis found himself feeling unfulfilled and restricted in his previous position as a chef, he knew there was no better time than the pandemic to ignite the flame that would help him cook up a storm in his career.

Launched in March 2021 after using the UK’s furlough scheme to propel him to owning a pandemic- and recession-proof business, My Window Cleaner (MWC) Newtownabbey has finally given Liam the control that enables him to dictate his own success. A true family operation, Liam’s wife Tina and their son Aidan have also joined the MWC operation in various capacities. Here, the Davis family has found a shared purpose in a brand that champions diversity and talent while equally finding more opportunities than ever to spend quality time together. It’s because of this that Liam and Tina’s daughter, Christina, is also gearing up to join the operation in the near future as she approaches the end of her degree in business management. Now, as their operation goes from strength to strength, the team is gearing up for further growth and expansion having already created job opportunities in their community as trusted local business owners.

“As a family unit, we really pushed to make the difficulties of the pandemic work for us and our careers. I found myself sacrificing so many weekends and nights as a chef, while Tina reached her limit in an important position in the local council, so it was vital that the next step had to tick some important boxes surrounding our lifestyles. Here, we’ve found careers we can be truly proud of. Tina is now in a position where she can flex her talents in administration and management, while I’m finally getting to enjoy the outdoors on a schedule that suits me and my whole family,” said Liam.

“What’s incredible about the MWC experience is that we get to work alongside franchisors who are fundamentally invested in projecting family values – our children have been shown what high-quality people management looks like, and we’ve all become genuinely invested in MWC as a result. So much so that our son, Aidan, has taken a position in MWC head office’s marketing team following a successful placement year - these kinds of diverse opportunities have never been so present in our lives!” added Tina.

Founded in 1996, MWC introduced the UK to the future of the cleaning industry. The ORIGINAL and TOP-PERFORMING window cleaning franchise, MWC has established itself as an exciting, highly profitable opportunity through identifying and leveraging a gap in the market. Offering customers a trustworthy, sophisticated window cleaning, gutter clearance and pressure washing service, MWC is a true family-feel franchise with good old-fashioned values at its heart.

“Wherever we look across the franchise, we see so many doors have opened for us that we never thought possible. Thanks to the franchisor’s attention to detail, success is guaranteed. This, on top of the additional professional development opportunities including the recently launched elite mindset group, is so valuable. The franchisor translates their experience and expertise directly into the day-to-day. They can forecast, evidence, support, address and develop alongside us. Being entrepreneurs without business ownership experience might seem like a daunting prospect, but here we get unrivalled support that gives us a clear and direct path to success,” explained Tina.

MWC attracts both first-time franchisees and seasoned entrepreneurs, thanks to its impressive infrastructure, ground-breaking technology and family-feel approach. Franchisees are encouraged to fully exploit the success they can achieve within their territories by building a team of passionate and enthusiastic operatives. MWC’s approach of championing exceptional customer service is continuing to set high expectations for a service provider that has traditionally been met with negative experiences. Through recurring income and multiple revenue streams, low overheads, an impressive scope for growth and ongoing development, the opportunity for franchisees is huge.

“I’m 50 this year so felt like it would have been ridiculous to ignore the experience that’s put on a plate for franchisees when I was doing my research into the brand,” said Liam. “But having now been in operation for over two years, I can’t envisage an alternative route that would even come close to the experience we’ve enjoyed with MWC. Having such a wide variety of experts and professionals in a tight-knit franchise network is invaluable. You can see the different stages of franchise ownership within the brand, and it’s like having a crystal ball. We’re all so aligned and we follow the model to a T, because why wouldn’t we?”

“Owning a MWC franchise incentivises itself – having joined the operation at a slightly later stage than Liam, I’ve been able to see how fast franchisees can get up and running if they fully invest themselves and trust in the processes the franchisor has developed over 27 years,” added Tina.

Today, a network of 25 franchisees operates across the UK. Sophisticated branding, systems, operations and processes have established MWC as the LEADING voice in a saturated market, which has seen the franchise receive over 4,500 gleaming 5-star reviews from happy customers. With each franchise territory outfitted with the industry’s best equipment and with full access to MWC’s bespoke online management software, ‘Gloria’, franchisees are empowered with the tools, confidence and skills to build a profitable business, fast.

With over 500 customers and that number increasing every day, Liam and Tina are fast approaching capacity with their current single-van operation and one employed operative. But having only tapped into roughly 2% of their potential customer base while taking 10% profits after wages and business operating costs from an already incredibly successful business, their projected growth combined with burning ambition as business owners means the only way is up for Liam and Tina.

“As an ex-chef, I’m well versed on the risks of cutting corners of detailed recipes – I can certainly say that, thanks to the franchisor preparing that recipe for its franchisees, we all benefit from being a part of a brand that embodies the Michelin-star of franchises in the UK! We’re incredibly proud to be completely self-sufficient - our income directly comes from this business. We’re breaking new ground as the first franchisees in Northern Ireland, and we’re having an amazing experience doing it. For prospects weighing up their options, you can be sure in knowing that as long as you’re determined to follow the recipe and launch with personability and care in mind, MWC is a sure success,” concluded Liam.

If, like Liam and Tina, you’re an entrepreneur looking to cook up a storm in a brand that has been developing the recipe for success over 27 years, contact 0800 999 8811 or email


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