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Experience not necessary: My Window Cleaner wants YOU!

How many job opportunities can you name that are more interested in you as an individual over the experience listed on your CV? Not many, right? Well, we’re here to go against that grain – gone are the days of career opportunities only being open to those with years of direct experience. Here at MWC, we’re far more interested in YOU - not the words written on a piece of paper! Why? Because over nearly 30 years of operating, we’ve been able to try, test, revise and perfect our recruitment strategy, and we can say with absolute certainty that it’s personality, passion and positivity that are the real ways our people have helped us develop a successful brand.

“But we don’t even have business ownership experience! Won’t that damage my launch and operation?” we hear you ask! The answer is absolutely not! We know that starting a franchise journey can be a daunting venture – that’s exactly why we invest our time and resources in streamlining the process for every new franchisee who steps through the door. And through this approach, we’ve learned that it’s never a one-size-fits-all process - every onboarding and launch experience is different because of the diversity within our network. Frankly, we love being able to share these experiences with our franchisees – it’s what makes us successful as a franchise brand, and it’s what directly feeds our people’s financial and personal rewards.

Don’t believe us? Just ask the new franchisees who today can launch and grow 15x faster than our core territory, reaching an average turnover of £60k in year one alone.

It may sound like backwards thinking, but we’re proud of the fact that at MWC, inexperience simply means you have space to learn! This trailblazing approach to business means that MWC puts everyone on a level playing field – the real determiner of success starts and ends with attitude. Here, an architect, a chef, an architectural bricklayer all began their MWC journeys on a level playing field. Much like the franchise industry as a whole, there are so many ways diversity feeds success. We believe our unmissable opportunity should be open to anyone who truly believes in their potential, and 27 years later, it’s been the root cause of transforming our franchisees’ lives.

“As soon as I engaged with MWC, I immediately got a sense of the values and ethos of the brand,” explains John Redpath, franchisee of MWC Cardiff East. “I was reassured from day one that I could make a real success out of my MWC franchise. And considering my previous lack of experience in the window cleaning industry, it’s a real testament to the franchisor that they put their trust in me and saw what I was capable of – I worked as a personal trainer and had never even owned a laptop before and I only used the internet to communicate with clients on the phone! But MWC’s industry-leading training provided me with everything I needed, not only to become capable in utilising the brand’s bespoke online management software, but to fully maximise my ability to put smiles on customers’ faces. It’s not only been proven for myself – I’ve seen it happen throughout the network.”

Wherever you look across the MWC network, you’ll find experienced specialists in everything but home services and window cleaning, and what does that do to our franchise opportunity? Put simply, it makes it even more enriching, rewarding and compelling. We bring the experience in the sector and help you get up to speed; you bring the experience in areas that support the ever-improving franchise opportunity across an aligned, supportive and inspired network. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and transform your career in a brand impassioned by personality, diversity and a willingness to learn!


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