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Family first: why the success of MWC all starts with the first impression

Have you ever wondered how My Window Cleaner (MWC) has forged incredible longevity in an industry that consistently sees businesses try to live up to expectations but not quite succeed? Well, the answer is in fact simpler than you might expect. One word: family. And that’s not just a simple buzzword that we take lightly to attract entrepreneurs to our franchise opportunity – it is our core value that we take incredibly seriously. In fact, each member of our incredible network today was only invited to become representatives of our brand because of how much they appreciate the importance of family when it comes to growth and success.

So why family?

Consider this: you have just invested your savings and committed your future to becoming a new franchisee. Sounds great, right? But soon after launching your business, you realise you are working with a franchisor who wants nothing from you but your franchise fee, and your fellow franchisees could not be less supportive in helping you navigate your launch and giving advice. Nightmare. Now consider the opposite – your franchisor and those operating within the business could not be more supportive and you truly feel like a valued member of a community. Before even looking at a business model, it’s obvious which one sounds like a match made in heaven!

Put simply, that’s exactly what MWC has strived to be since day one – for everyone joining our network, we ensure our franchise opportunity is the perfect fit. With franchisees from a diversity of backgrounds, from marketing to health and fitness, to architecture, quantity surveying, engineering and everything in between, each one of our franchisees has never felt more at home than they do with MWC. After all, who wouldn’t want to work and operate in a community that truly is an extended family? Yes, we offer customers a trustworthy, sophisticated window cleaning, gutter clearance and pressure washing service with a smile, but our good old-fashioned family values are the real driving force behind our success and why our thousands of customers consistently return.

But these values are not just a way we suggest our franchisees operate – they must be lived and breathed every day. Even after over 25 years in business, our new franchisees are joining us as they see the incredible ethos and culture that the network adopts. Franchisees share and collaborate professionally, organise regional and nationwide social events and even find common ground to combine their passions! There truly is an endless list of reasons why family is vital in the service we provide and how we operate as a franchise.

The franchisee of recently launched MWC Brighton and Hove North, Simon Grange, found MWC’s values to be exactly what he was looking for as he approaches his decorated 21-year-long career in electronic communications and radar repair.

“From my first contact with the franchisor, I got a fantastic impression,” said Simon. “I was looking at loads of different franchise opportunities, from hospitality to premises-run retail operations and more. But MWC is a vehicle for my ambitions. There was never one revelatory moment – I’ve been planning for this for so long. Here, I don’t feel the pressure of a corporate job behind a desk, and my business is designed to support my lifestyle, thanks to the community feeling the brand projects.”

After seeing how it shouldn’t be done, thanks to competition coming and going over the last 25+ years, we believe we have achieved something truly unique in business – and even in the franchise industry. In a period of growth and expansion for our network, family has never been more important to us.


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