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Making 2023 your year

We now live and work in a world where opportunity knocks at every turn. And what better time than January to think about how you can make the most out of the year ahead? The most important changes you can make to your life are taking control and putting yourself in an environment that will help you forge your own path to success. But what does taking control truly mean? And how do you take the first step towards it?

My Window Cleaner is proudly built on 27 years of learning from experience, and something that we’ve learned is that setting unrealistic ‘resolutions’ is unproductive – in fact, research shows that 80% of people give up on them by February! So, here are some top tips from what we’ve learned along the way that will help sustain your plans and goals for the year ahead.

Set clear goals

Instilling a sense of self-awareness and being well-versed on your greatest strengths and what you want to develop most will give you a clear vision of what exactly you want from the year. It’s a cliché, but the new year truly does equal a new you, so revise your long-term aspirations and affirm the direction you’re headed to ensure you don’t lose a single day of nurturing your professional and personal development. While your development plans should not rely solely on reaching specific targets, you should have an idea of the direction you want to be headed. Do you want to make more money? Learn something new? Or improve the overall quality of your life?

Surround yourself with positive influences

It’s no secret as to just how much your environment and your peers influence your attitude, decisions and work ethic. But what isn’t discussed often enough is the direct impact it can also have on your mental and physical well-being. Make a conscious effort to place yourself in a setting that supports and nurtures your development – if you aren’t inspired enough to wear every day with a smile, it might be time to make a crucial change!

And what’s more important is being proactive about these changes. If you have an opportunity, take the bull by the horns and action it now!

Switch off the news

One of the key lessons that we impart onto our franchisees is the importance of being able to identify when sensationalist news has a negative impact on their mental health. Designed to keep us hooked, the news can often be shocking, scary, or controversial. And while it may be tempting to keep watching, it’s vitally important that you lift your eyes over the screen to absorb the great things that are happening in real time, right in front of you. Avoiding negative news is an important habit that we should all practice in 2023, and by replacing that habit with something productive and positive, your work and career will naturally become more enjoyable and successful!

Shift your focus

Being in the ‘now’ is a huge priority, and it’s important not to waste time on the things that hold you back. At MWC, we adopt a ‘teach a man to fish approach’ from day one. This not only helps our franchisees sustain their businesses, but it also means they understand the business well enough to change what they don’t love. Being in business means you embrace constant change all the time – it’s not about making one simple change at the beginning of the year, it is about adapting, embracing opportunity, and making positive change happen for you in real time. As Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Practice gratitude

One of the easiest ways to instil a positive mindset is to start each day reminding yourself of what you’re grateful for. This simple practice can help you cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and increase your overall happiness. They may be easily forgotten about, but they’re characteristics that go a long way in the franchise industry. Especially when you are operating within a team and community of likeminded, driven individuals who are passionate about seeing their peers succeed around them! But in a growing industry that is consistently welcoming new faces, where should you look to find that supportive community? Well, look no further, as that’s one of the many benefits of being a part of the MWC franchise family.

By following these tips, you can create a plan of action to achieve your goals, stay motivated, and make the most out of the new year. making a conscious effort to take control of your life and putting yourself in an environment that supports your personal development is real progress towards achieving your goals and creating a life you love. Remember to be consistent and persistent in your efforts, stay focused and stay on track, and most importantly, enjoy the journey.


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