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MWC provides a clear view for the window cleaning industry

Upon our inception over 25 years ago, we launched with one simple goal in mind – to redefine the window cleaning industry by introducing customers to exactly what they deserved – reputable, trustworthy operatives who provide second to none service! And while we have continued on our upwards trajectory ever since, we have certainly seen a change in the expectations and demands of the window cleaning industry. With householders increasingly having less time to prioritise window cleaning, growth of the industry has been substantial - there are now over 31,000 window cleaning businesses operating in the UK alone*.

So why does MWC continue to set the path that other window cleaning businesses often try to follow, but fail to live up to the incredibly high standards that we set? Well, read on to find out exactly what MWC has focused on since we launched our franchise opportunity that has helped move the entire window cleaning industry firmly into the 21st century!

Technology and innovation

Put simply, we would not be the sleek, innovative and exciting franchise opportunity we are today without our right-hand lady, Gloria. As our bespoke online management software, Gloria has seen consistent improvements and upgrades, which to date amount at roughly £650,000. And with that level of investment, progress and development resonating across our whole franchise model, our teams have increased the efficiency of their service by 30% and have grown 23% faster than franchisees who launched in previous years.

Gloria isn’t just a pretty face. She’s the reason our fantastic franchisees and their operatives get to focus on nurturing real relationships and providing an excellent service without having to worry about admin and the nitty gritty, time-consuming tasks!

This focus on technology has enabled the day-to-day of our business flourish, with rota optimisation tools helping franchisees increase their daily turnover by £50 while booking an entire week’s work at the same time! Most conventional window cleaners have a capacity of 275 to 350 customers a month. However, Gloria enables our franchisees to manage up to 550 customers on their own before they need their first operative to support running multi van operations. A single MWC van fully loaded with high tech equipment can turnover £11,000 per month in sales revenues. And what’s better – as soon as franchisees have a multi van operation, they have an unlimited ceiling of customers. Not a bad piece of kit for a humble window cleaning brand, right?!

People power

People power is the true driving force behind service providers. In fact, research shows us that having committed and motivated workers is the top aspect that leads to a company's growth, as claimed by 83% of executives and 84% of employees**. Understanding the shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that make up the culture behind our brand has gone a long way towards helping us grow a team whose own attitude and goals are equally aligned.

At My Window Cleaner, we champion the little things. We expect our franchisees to regularly share ideas and motivational messages on the network’s WhatsApp group, not only as a way of showing they are invested in the whole network’s wellbeing and success, but as a collaboration tool so everyone can benefit from what they learn as a business owner. But we equally never forget the larger-scale culture-defining activities, from organising regular social events for regional and national franchisees to offering opportunities to take part in franchise-wide marketing activity.

For years, the window cleaning industry has given a platform to unprofessional and disorganised leaders, ultimately creating a divide and a distrust between service providers and their customers. However, through franchising and building a business driven by innovation and truly ambitious people, MWC is continuing to forge an industry that anyone, from any walk of life would be proud to work in.

For more information, please call us on 0800 999 8811 or email

*Input Youth, n.d., Window Cleaners

**HR Cloud, 2021, Is Company Culture Essential to Your Business Success?


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