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Want to launch a franchise but unsure about going it alone?

Today, the concept of owning and operating a family business is certainly an attractive one to most entrepreneurs. But with economic uncertainty continuing to make prospects second guess the viability of a franchise investment in 2023, it’s understandable that you may not want to put all your eggs in one basket. But at My Window Cleaner (MWC), we practise what we preach. Not only do we pride ourselves on being THE franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking a career that truly gives you an extended family, but we are fast becoming the go-to for couples, partners and more looking to share in their successes!

Oli & Claire, MWC Newquay & Truro

Reflecting patterns emerging from the wider business scape, it’s estimated that at least 1.4 million of the UK’s 4.7 million family-owned businesses are run by couples*. And with such an enriched group of our network being made up of couples of all backgrounds and experiences, our whole franchise family is supporting the development of MWC while proving that there’s no single ‘right’ way to forge incredible success. Here, diversity is what makes us tick. It’s this same devotion to celebrating our differences as individuals, our varying areas of expertise and our different approaches to achieving success that’s driving the development of our brand. For every new franchisee that joins us, whether they’re solo or part of a power couple, the MWC network consistently learns new things about what has become one of the most exciting franchise opportunities available today.

Diane and Chris, MWC Barnet & South Herts

It’s also important for prospects to know that there isn’t an expiry date on the opportunity to make a franchise a joint venture. At MWC, we’re increasingly seeing more solo-run franchises later become joint business ventures. Or as we like to call them, power couples – because powerful is certainly what they are! From Will and Kerry in Buckingham to Liam and Tina in Newtownabbey, many of our power couples have only taken the mantle once their franchises have become established and when they feel it’s the right time. Until then, many of our franchisees opt to employ the services of MWC's customer care team which helps them manage the bulk of their admin so they only have to focus on nurturing their relationship with clients. Not only does this allow them to do what they love, this approach allows franchisees maximise their skillsets as they scale their operations! With longevity in mind, this considered approach to franchise ownership is enabling MWC to continue evolving and advancing the franchise of tomorrow as well as today. And thanks to the incredible experience seen throughout MWC franchisees, our network is only becoming closer and stronger as we all learn how to support one another in driving our franchises forward.

With personal ambitions being the driving force behind our shared success at MWC, we allow that flexibility and know that to nurture and grow a business, our franchisees must have the autonomy and control to choose exactly what’s right for them – and for their loved ones’ involvement!

David and Emma, MWC Breckland & Norfolk

“I always knew I was capable of doing more,” explains Will Hayton, MWC Buckingham. “With MWC, I’ve been able to apply the best of my experience to a vocation that allows me to make a visibly positive difference to the lives of people in my community. Having searched for opportunities for three years before finding MWC, it was incredibly reassuring to me to see the franchisor make sure we were the right fit for each other. I really do believe in the network being ‘one big family’, and it reflects so positively on our day-to-day operations.”

“The franchisor has been with us every step of the way, and you can tell how valued we are as franchisees. MWC has helped mine and Will’s professional partnership tick. We have become incredibly valued contributors, which has helped us flourish as owners and operators of our own business,” adds Kerry Hayton.

Kerry & Will, MWC Buckingham & Brackley

At MWC, we don’t just believe in work-life balance – we believe in work-life integration. And one huge aspect of achieving this is by ensuring our franchise opportunity is accessible to entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes – whether they’re solo or come in pairs! And, thanks to our diverse, passionate network equally seeing the value in this belief, our franchise opportunity is continuing to be strengthened and affirmed. For more information, contact 0800 999 8811 or email

*Henry Williams, 2017, UK home to 1.4 million ‘copreneurs’


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