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Why now is your time to invest in a franchise primed for personal and financial success

At My Window Cleaner (MWC), we regularly discuss why and how our brand has become one of the most exciting franchise opportunities available today. But in a world of economic uncertainty, it’s understandable that prospects don’t just want that overnight success – they want to represent the franchise of tomorrow. “But where can I find the franchise of tomorrow?” we hear you ask… well, look no further!

The general public has been crying out for a window cleaning provider that addresses the industry’s poor reputation for years. Despite a few exceptions (namely, us!), customers have long been forced to navigate through untrained, unreliable operators who are often uninsured and have criminal records. While the window cleaning industry has historically been the ‘go-to’ option for unskilled workers, there are no providers in the UK that raise the standards quite like us on a national scale. Yes, there are great window cleaners out there, but more often than not they are one-man bands, limited to the number of customers they can service.

So, what does the financial opportunity look like?

Research proves that the last decade has been fruitful for the UK’s cleaning services industry. In today’s time-poor society, more households are seeking exceptional home service providers to alleviate the worries of home maintenance. Despite the economic climate we are currently facing, research by the British Cleaning Council estimated that the UK cleaning services industry contributes over £24 billion to the economy, with turnover increasing by 21% over the last decade[1].

In a franchise opportunity with no ceiling to how much our franchise partners can make, there has never been a better financial opportunity waiting around the corner in the cleaning and home services industry. As well as the increasing demand from households up and down the country, our growth is set to be supported by rising government expenditure. Increasingly, commercial clients including hospitals, schools, government buildings and businesses are outsourcing their window cleaning services. The growth of this market is certainly benefitting MWC franchises thanks to our streamlined, efficient operations and the use of the best equipment the industry has to offer.

But how has MWC created a franchise opportunity guaranteed to succeed?

Research shows that window cleaning services revenue will grow at an annual rate of 6% over the next five years to reach £379.3 million, with the industry's average profit margin increasing to reach 22.5%[2]. And with over 28 million potential domestic customers alone, with our single-van franchise partners being able to service over 50% more customers than independents, the market share of MWC’s industry-leading service is only set to increase.

But because MWC encourages franchise partners to be ambitious and strive for a multi-van operation to maximise the potential of our scalable business model, there really is no limit to your potential earnings – especially as the UK home services industry is expected to continue expanding to cater for shifting consumer preferences! As a guide, franchise partners can expect estimated operating profits – not just turnover – of around £35,000 in year one, £70,000 in year two and £130,000 in year three. Put simply, we’re not afraid to talk about financials and asset building – in fact, we encourage you to think about your full business lifecycle from day one! Not bad for a humble window cleaning franchise!

What do you get when you become an MWC franchise partner? Family, friendship, support, a network of cheerleaders, personal development, a wealth mindset, regular socialisation –

and that’s before you even think about the business! Since 1996, we have prioritised looking forward and have built a truly future-proof franchise with success built into our foundations. In an industry primed to boom – even amid the cost-of-living crisis - the real question to ask yourself is “Why shouldn’t I jump at this opportunity too good to miss?”

If, like our growing network of ambitious entrepreneurs, you are inspired by the prospect of joining a franchise brand that is committed to striving for excellence across everything that we do, please call us on 0800 999 8811 or email

[1]eMop, 2020, Why Cleaning Services Are Popular in the UK

[2]IBISworld, 2023, Window Cleaning Services in the UK


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