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What bad weather?

“What bad weather?” our franchisees ask.

You may think that the weather has a detrimental affect on our profession as professional window cleaners. Well it has an affect, but we turn this to our advantage and use the opportunity in different ways.

Firstly, the facts are that we may lose a total of 3 to 4 days a year through adverse weather conditions. During the winter months, we build flexibility into our working rota and allow for a period of unsettled weather.

As you know, we always contact our customers in advance and let them know when the clean is due. With the My Window Cleaner IT system, we can rapidly communicate with each customer and inform them of any changes.

Karen Prewer. Founder and Managing Director of My Window Cleaner

We think it very important to take this professional approach, which also enhances our brand and reputation. The system can communicate in bulk, so that the franchise owner is not sat on a phone, or writing individual emails, wasting valuable time.

So what does the franchise owner do next? Well, the system will also target various customers with the additional services we offer, which are not as weather affected. Through pre-designed email branded templates, we can easily identify and up-sell these additional services.

A great example of this is indoor window cleaning. Ask yourself, when was the last time your own window cleaner offered this service? Once, twice, never?

It always amazes me that this service is not offered more, as it is very profitable and much needed. The times we have cleaned the outside, but the inside is twice as dirty, has led us to offer this service.

What else can the franchise owner do on their business…. ? Well, gaining more customers is always a priority. Last week, when the snow hit Canterbury, Alan had great success and won 20 new regular customers! This week, he will be adding them into his already busy diary and providing service to them for the first time.

Our business model & IT system are designed for a rapid build of the customer base. Through the training and support we provide, franchise partners are able to target and identify potential customers, within each postcode sector of their territory. With the marketing tools provided, new customers are gained, whatever the month or weather. In January, Josh, who is based in Bournemouth, won 43 new customers, including ones that required gutter clearance (non-weather related).

Our branded uniform is also designed for all weather conditions. Whether it be shorts & polo shirts in the summer or beanies, trousers and body warmers in the winter, we have it covered.

So, whilst it is tempting for our competitors to sit back in inclement weather & put their feet up, we are still charging forwards, winning new customers, growing our businesses and providing service.

You want to see us go in the summer! WOW!!!

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