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Sure success, all year round

“More than just a humble window cleaning franchise.” It’s a message we’ve instilled across our brand since our inception over 27 years ago, and more than ever, it’s a mission we’re delivering on for our franchise network and thousands of customers every day. We understand that, as an outdoor, hands-on service franchise, prospects might consider us ‘seasonal’. And while some of our service offerings might be busier throughout particular seasons of the year, we’re here to tell you that owning an MWC franchise GUARANTEES financial success all year round. How? Well, we can prove that we aren’t all talk – we are more than just a humble window cleaning franchise.

Through rigorous testing and development, we’ve learned that in today’s time-poor society, busy families and professional households choose to purchase domestic services that allow them to make the most of the time they do have. For our carefully selected demographic of customers, we’re a necessity, not a nicety, which is why our model is robust and reliable, regardless of the ever-changing economic climate. Identifying this dynamic has opened a world of opportunities for us as a franchise. And with our model enabling us to devote just as much time to professional development as well as streamlining the delivery of our services, it’s become second nature to us to ensure our brand remains in demand throughout the year.

A vital element of our evolution over 27 years, the core of our business proudly remains the exceptional window cleaning service we offer. But, understanding the need for franchisees to remain busy and buoyant whatever the weather, we project an equal passion and place huge importance on our vast service offerings. True to form, we’ve used our thirst for innovation to drive several revenue streams that support your business all year round.

Our full range of services include:

✓ Window cleaning – internal and external, the bedrock of your business

✓ Conservatory cleaning

✓ Jet washing – driveway, decking, patios, walls, garden furniture, you name it!

✓ Gutter clearance

✓ External cleaning of gutters, facias and soffits

And that’s not everything! This year alone, we’ve added soft washing to our service options for residential homes and commercial business units. Having all trained at the British Window Cleaning Academy, our network has capitalised on this exciting opportunity for a highly profitable and year-round revenue stream. These opportunities for growth and development, on top of a recently launched bespoke programme certified by internationally renowned business coach Tony Robbins, are helping our franchisees forge much more than financial success – MWC has become a business journey unlike any other.

“As an ex-chef, I’m well versed on the risks of cutting corners of detailed recipes – I can certainly say that, thanks to the franchisor preparing that recipe for its franchisees, we all benefit from being a part of a brand that embodies the Michelin star of franchises in the UK! We’re incredibly proud to be completely self-sufficient - our income directly comes from this business. We’re breaking new ground as the first franchisees in Northern Ireland, and we’re having an amazing experience doing it. For prospects weighing up their options, you can be certain that as long as you’re determined to follow the recipe and launch with personability and care in mind, MWC is a sure success,” explains franchisee of MWC Newtown Abbey, Liam Davis.

Much like the franchise industry itself, we at MWC strongly believe in leading from the front when it comes to offering prospects a diverse, dynamic and inspiring career. So, if you find yourself seeking an opportunity that will leave you empowered and profitable all year round, look no further than the ORIGINAL window cleaning franchise devoted to driving van-based franchises forward in the UK! For more information, contact 0800 999 8811 or email


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