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Why work-life integration should be today’s bare minimum for franchise prospects

As an entrepreneur currently considering the next step of your career, it’s understandable why your search has brought you not only to us, but to the franchise industry as a whole. The viability of franchising has never been more prevalent – you’re buying into an established brand that customers know and trust, and today, a good reputation goes a very long way. As a part of your research, the chances are you’ve come across the term ‘work-life balance’ several times and have been told why, in pursuit of one, many brands believe they’re where you should be investing your time and money. And rightly so! After all, who wouldn’t want complete control over their schedules on top of having ample time to switch their brain off and enjoy time with the family? Work-life balance is undeniably great. But here at MWC, we believe in going one better for our franchise family – we believe in work-life integration, and it’s this concept that should absolutely be your bare minimum today.

So, what exactly is work-life integration? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Work-life integration is the process in which ‘work’ and ‘life’ become so perfectly harmonious with one another that their divide becomes practically unnoticeable, with both being coordinated in a way that leads to maximum fulfilment and satisfaction. And this very much feels like the natural next step in today’s time-scarce, busy society. We believe that work-life balance has evolved to the point that careers should now fit perfectly in workers' own lives and aspirations. Yes, balance is imperative, and it’s never been more important to have the opportunity to switch off from work. But the fact is: we all have to do it. So, considering such a fundamental part of our lives is here to stay, why wouldn’t work-life integration be your motivator as a prospective franchisee?

“It’s amazing to have finally found the business that meets my needs as an ambitious entrepreneur as well as a father,” explained Nick Clarke, franchisee of MWC Malvern. “My children are all at significant stages of their lives – from graduating from university to even learning how to fly – so it’s important to me at this stage to have the financial means as well as the flexibility to help them in all their endeavours. Put simply, that level of support would’ve been difficult to provide if I wasn’t a franchisee of MWC. Here, you truly do get the keys to drive your own ambitions – what’s better is that you can shape and mould the business to suit your exact needs while taking home fantastic financial and personal rewards.”

We’ve all heard the old phrase, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s this very concept that has been a core principle in our growth, development and recruitment over the last 27 years. So, we ask the question, why is balancing work and life the priority? Shouldn’t the priority actually be to find a career that suits you so well that ‘balance’ becomes redundant? Prospects should seek a franchise opportunity that complements their personal lives as much as their professional lives – not only in terms of your schedules, goals and aspirations but also the enjoyment you get from the work itself!

At MWC, integration is key. From the way in which we conduct our day-to-day roles to the importance we place on utilising cutting-edge technology to maximise efficiency and autonomy. Since launching our franchise opportunity, we’ve been consistently reminded of the value we can bring to our franchisees’ livelihoods simply by finding opportunities to show them we’re invested in their interests, passions and lives outside work as much as their professional lives. So, if you’re an entrepreneur who refuses to make sacrifices to do what makes you happy and motivates and inspires you, then look no further – as we couldn’t be happier to give you the keys to your future! Get in touch today!


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