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What have Manchester City, Liverpool and Spurs got in common with a franchise business owner?

No, it’s not the start of one of my poor jokes by the way!

It’s just an observation that I picked up from watching the FA Cup final and the two Champion League’s semi-finals.

The answer is actually quite simple…….. belief.

Now you may not be a football fan, or may not have even watched the matches, so stay with me on this one.

Liverpool came from a 3-0 first leg deficit to beat Barcelona 4-0 in the second leg. Spurs produced a footballing miracle too, having lost 1-0 at home and then to be 2-0 down to Ajax in the Netherlands, to eventually win 2-3! OK, so Manchester City wiped the floor with Watford, winning 6-0. But, you could just tell, as the Manchester City team walked onto the Wembley turf, that the result was a given.

Belief in a team. Belief as a team. Belief in yourself = positive results

Football talk over (I hear you sigh with relief!). So, how does this apply to a franchise owner?

Well you need all three to produce the business results you want to achieve and enjoy.

Belief in a team; in the franchisor that is supporting and guiding you

Belief as a team; in your other franchise colleagues

Belief in yourself; as a business leader, to make the right decisions

I have not met a successful business owner, franchise related or not, that doesn’t believe in themselves and the team around them. Belief gives you the power to push forwards, to challenge, to trial, to implement and to succeed.

At My Window Cleaner we believe. We believe in ourselves, our systems and processes. We believe that we can change the perception the general public currently have of the window cleaning industry, by giving them the quality of service and aftercare they expect. Think of us as the John Lewis of the window cleaning world. Customers come first and it’s our team belief & ethos that drives that.

We believe as a multiple team of franchise partners. Belief in the brand is key and fundamental and for us all, to share and enjoy. We know that we can rely upon each other & that each one of us is just a call away from helping another. Team spirit drives us; it’s inspirational and secures our future.

Our franchise partners believe too. Having taken that leap of faith, they believe in the My Window Cleaner modus operandi, IT systems and business model. They follow the model and their belief becomes stronger; to be able to make decisions by themselves & to enjoy their efforts, both financially and by satisfaction.

Whatever the odds and when things are against you, such as the recent football matches, the belief to keep going comes from an inner strength and that is one of the key drivers a successful franchise business owner has.

The question is… are you a believer?

PS. Our customers believe in us. Click the picture link below to find out why.

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