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A family business becomes the root of the community

After feeling he’d hit the ‘glass ceiling’ as a Marketing Manager, Will Hayton decided it was time to apply his skillset to a role that would enable him to be his own boss. Being driven by nurturing relationships and putting a smile on customers’ faces, Will had long searched for an escape from the repetitive nature of his previously restrictive position. Now, having been a franchisee of My Window Cleaner Buckingham & Brackley since March 2021, Will, and his wife Kerry who joined soon after launching, have reaped the rewards of being a part of a franchise that champions a light-hearted, innovative approach to business.

Since launching, Will and Kerry have successfully demonstrated the scalability of the My Window Cleaner (MWC) model by ensuring their business plays to their individual strengths. With valuable experience in business operations, Kerry has been able to develop her own skillset alongside Will in a management position in an industry primed to continue to boom in 2023 and beyond. And by capitalising on the flexibility of the franchise model, the pair have balanced their duties to maximise the time they get to spend with their children while also providing a vital service to over 500 clients in their local community.

“I always knew I was capable of doing more. One of my biggest ambitions in life was to own my own business,” explained Will. “With MWC, I’ve been able to apply the best of my experience to a vocation that allows me to make a visibly positive difference to the lives of people in my community. Having searched for opportunities for three years before finding MWC, it was incredibly reassuring to me to see the franchisor do their due diligence to make sure we were the right fit for each other. I really do believe in the network being ‘one big family’, and it reflects so positively on our day-to-day operations.”

“From the top down, the structure of the MWC franchise is exceptional – including the fantastic management software systems,” added Kerry. “The franchisor has been with us every step of the way, and you can tell how valued we are as franchisees. MWC has helped mine and Will’s professional partnership tick. We have become incredibly valued contributors, which has helped us flourish as owners and operators of our own business.”

Founded in 1996, MWC introduced the UK to the future of the cleaning industry. The FIRST and ONLY window cleaning franchise brand, MWC has established itself as an exciting, highly profitable opportunity through identifying and leveraging a gap in the market. Offering customers a trustworthy, sophisticated window cleaning service, MWC is a true family-feel franchise with good old-fashioned values at its heart.

“As franchisees, we have the privilege of being able to tap into over 26 years of experience and business development from the franchisors and wider network. There’s no way we would’ve had access to comparable software, achieved the same revenue or celebrated such rewarding personal satisfaction had we done this alone. With MWC, you feel like a success from the moment you open shop,” Kerry continued.

“A real testament to the quality of the brand is the training. I’d never cleaned a window in my life before I joined MWC! But it’s not just about our business operations, as the standards the franchisors have set for the whole brand have given us the confidence and tools to become successful. From the moment we started trading we felt well equipped and fully prepared, and the ongoing support since then has equally been brilliant. We deliver what we promise, and we do it in a fresh, revitalising way. Customers are receptive to this approach,” explained Will.

Whether it is a franchisee’s first business or whether they are a seasoned entrepreneur seeking pastures new, they can choose to work as a single operator or build a team of passionate and enthusiastic window cleaners. MWC’s approach of championing exceptional customer service is continuing to set high expectations for a service provider that has traditionally been met with negative experiences. Through recurring income and multiple revenue streams, low overheads, an impressive scope for growth and ongoing development, the opportunity for franchisees is huge.

“There are so many options out there for prospective franchisees, but I’ve never come across another brand that’s so driven by helping you build a valuable asset and achieve your own financial and personal goals,” said Will. “We’re all rowing in the same direction across the network, but we also have complete trust from the franchisor in running our business in a way that suits us.”

Today, a network of 23 franchisees operates across the UK. Sophisticated branding, systems, operations and processes have established MWC as the LEADING voice in a saturated market, which has seen the franchise receive over 3,500 gleaming 5-star reviews from happy customers. With each franchise territory equipped with the industry’s best equipment and with full access to MWC’s £650k online management software, ‘Gloria’, franchisees have all the tools to become profitable at a consistent rate.

“It’s great that we’re in an environment that nurtures the idea of autonomy,” added Will. “We know where the boundaries are, but everything is in our own hands and we’re all striving for the same goals. We don’t feel like we’ve sacrificed anything by joining the franchise industry, and still feel like we can be entrepreneurial in our projects and delivery of our services. I have big plans for the franchise and can see we’re about to start reaping the financial rewards of being a MWC franchisee.”

“What’s best is that there’s no pressure on us! We work hard and are fully committed to the franchise, but we’re equally able to make the most of the flexibility and enjoy time with our young family. We’ve never worked harder, but there’s no role that has ever been more rewarding,” concluded Kerry.

Having recently employed their first member of staff, Will and Kerry are well equipped to continue becoming a root of the community that they serve. With big ambitions and the ultimate goal of turning over £1 million, this is only the beginning for the couple as they identify more opportunities to grow their business at a rate that suits them and their family.

If, like Will and Kerry, you are searching for an opportunity to become your own boss while having support from a brand devoted to helping you succeed, contact our Franchise Team today.


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