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Are we good enough?

Strange question to ask, or not?

We believe in openness, transparency and challenge ourselves to ensure that we provide the highest level of service to our franchise network. We also ensure that we operate a very ethical business, ensuring that our partnership with each franchisee is exemplary. However, it is always beneficial to have an independent third party to evaluate the business performance and to check to ensure that the franchise network is happy, on-track financially and feel supported.

When we started our franchise journey, we were vetted and approved by The British Franchise Association (BFA) and held Provisional Membership. This meant that our systems, processes, legal documents and financial projections were scrutinised and passed the high standards that they set for membership acceptance.

The BFA have a range of membership options available, with different criteria and assessments for each level. Having operated at Provisional Membership for a few years, it was time to challenge ourselves once again and try to attain Associate Membership.

We were asked to provide our franchise company accounts as well as our core business company accounts. Our franchise lawyer had to write to the BFA, to confirm that our Franchise Agreement met their ethical standards and that certain clauses were included/excluded and met the franchise industry standards. We had to confirm that we are financially liquid and had the resources to continue to invest in the future of the business.

Lastly, our franchise network was sent a questionnaire (36 questions) and asked for their comments regarding their experiences and satisfaction; Every single My Window Cleaner franchisee took the time to reply.

So, having gone through the wringer, were we good enough to meet Associate Membership criteria? Well, I suppose I wouldn’t be writing this if we had failed!!

We passed with flying colours and the feedback the BFA received from our franchise network was excellent. Our finances, legal documents and financial projections (which were matched with a franchisee’s actual accounts) met their standards and we can now fly our new flag.

Now this may sound all a bit academic, but in reality, it is extremely important to anyone considering a franchise, whether it be My Window Cleaner or any other franchise, in any other industry.

Having a qualified kite mark should give any potential franchisee the confidence that they are talking to a bona fide business; one that has met high standards and can demonstrate a strong ethical approach.

Today, My Window Cleaner are still the ONLY professional window cleaning business that have been approved by The British Franchise Association and now we have an even higher membership status.

Are we good enough?

The British Franchise Association & our franchise network think we are.


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