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Are you happy?


We hope you had a great August bank holiday weekend.

While some of our franchisees decided to take time out this weekend to get some much-needed rest and relaxation…

….others literally didn’t want the grass growing under their feet and so chose to work!

The key difference for smart business owners is choice.

As a rule, most of our franchise family are working harder now than they ever did in their roles as employees… but when you are in love with your business it’s not work! They’re also building a great asset for their future.

Love what you do?

All too often business owners (and people in general) hold on to things they don’t like. When you have tasks on your agenda that you hate it’s not uncommon to start procrastinating. Then the problems start.

Not only are you putting off doing what you don’t like – it affects the jobs you like, and quite often nothing gets done.

Here at My Window Cleaner we understand that everyone’s different.

Right from the start we encourage every business owner to work towards keeping hold of the parts of their business that they love - we then provide options to outsource the things that don’t make them want to jump out of bed in the morning, including professional admin support and marketing.

Focus on the things you love!

There’s so much more to our industry than meets the eye and there’s certainly something for every skillset and mindset!

Which role/s excite you?

  • Operational – being out on the road. Interacting with your customers. Using state of the art equipment for window cleaning, gutter cleaning & clearance or pressure washing, almost everything can be done with your feet firmly on the ground

  • Admin – working with our tech system Gloria to achieve sophisticated rota planning and maximising automation

  • Marketing – our franchisees are not only given different marketing campaigns, but are privy to our greatest secrets: our marketing formulas

Management and much more! - with ongoing training and support, you can build a strong team and multi van operation

Is this for you?

Is it time for you to take control? If you want a life that you love, working among a network of truly amazing people, why not drop us an email? We’d be happy to set up a quick Zoom chat to say hi, answer your questions and see if we think there could be a fit.

In the meantime, be happy and we wish you a great week!

Dave and Karen Prewer

Franchise Team My Window Cleaner Franchising Ltd.


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