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Do you have the mindset for continuous change?

We have always said, if you are not continually evolving then you are going backwards. We have no intention of going anywhere but forwards! Seriously, the team at My Window Cleaner (I mean everyone that works within the brand including our franchise partners) are always looking for new growth opportunities, or adapting Gloria to make us more efficient, or trialling new equipment etc. Change is good and we are on a wonderful journey that includes many many changes.

So, what has changed since our last newsletter?

Well, we have a new franchise facing website, which you are reading this Blog from. There is a lot of new information and great quotes from our franchise partners across the UK. I am hoping that it will inspire you to pick up the phone to me!

We have two new franchise partners, who are just about to go live.

Firstly, we have Owen, who owns the Cardiff West territory. Owen used to work for another franchise in the gardening sector. This is also very exciting development for us, as it means we now have three territories in a row; Cardiff West, Cardiff East and Newport. The franchisees are already planning joint marketing efforts. The jigsaw is being filled in!

We also have Oli joining us too. Oli has moved from Kent to Cornwall (where his wife’s family are from) and he will be operating in Newquay and Truro. A previous Quantity Surveyor, Oli can’t wait to start his new business and family life in the west country.

After much research, we have new supplier for Reach and Wash systems – Streamline - . Streamline offer a variety of different tank sizes, but they are also a one stop shop, supplying everything from the van to the sign writing, the equipment and installation. We still work with Brodex -, which gives franchise partners a wider option of equipment and suppliers to choose from.

As you may know, training is very important to us and we always want to ensure that franchisees are fully trained in all aspects of business. Over the past few weeks, we employed Berkeley Harris from Sandler Training -

Berkeley has really helped us with sales training, finding different ways of approaching potential customers and finding a form of words that assist the franchisee in being in control of the conversation, and giving the customer reassurance and confidence to purchase.

Our franchise partners have already put this to the test and Will in North Belfast won two conservatory cleans: one worth £400 and the other £370. Training always pays dividends, especially when a uber keen franchise network are willing to learn.

So, do you have the mindset for continuous change?

Feel free to contact us anytime should you wish to learn more.


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